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Our mission is to assist successful leaders achieve more effective behaviours through catalyzing the emergence of new thinking systems and developing self-mastery

If relevant, we will also use online assessments which debrief will be done as part of the coaching program.

The first step is to discuss the client's coaching outcomes and understand the gap existing between present situation and desired outcome. The overall outcome for the coach is the client's behavioural congruence, and self sustainable functionability independently from the coach.

Time frame depends on the expected outcomes. After a discussion with the client about their expected outcomes, we give them an idea of the anticipated time frame. 

Coaching sessions can be done in person or on the phone. For breakthrough sessions, in-person sessions are required. Each programme is designed according to the client's needs. Below are some examples of programs that have been designed for clients.

Call or email us now to understand how we can assist you.

Effectiveness Coaching

Effectiveness Coaching is recommended for clients who wish to increase their effectiveness in their professional life and business. During the sessions, we review all areas of your professional life and define what can be improved towards more effectiveness.

Our intervention is highly personalised and depends on what field our client operates, and can also include:

  • Time management advisory service,
  • Role play and rehearsal,
  • Coaching on public speaking,
  • Image consultancy, and more.

Executive Transitional Coaching

For successful leaders who are at a turning point in their career and require assistance to move to the next step.

Our intervention happens at concurrent levels:

  • Change existing internal patterns leading to unwanted behaviours (for example self-sabotage),
  • Define clear values,
  • Concretely assist our clients step by step while giving them a methodology they can re-use by themselves to:
    1. Discover and let go of what is holding them back,
    2. Set achievable goals, and take action to make them happen,
    3. keep focusing on them to get the desired results

Public Speaking & Presentation Coaching

For clients looking for assistance on delivery and presentation on ad hoc projects or for a more long-term image & confidence-building exercise. We have assisted clients who wished to:

  • Prepare for an important corporate presentation,
  • Get coaching on how to make a lasting impression,
  • Clarify the image they want to present,
  • Trainers wanting to learn presenting tools to use during workshops,
  • Management looking to improve their people skills in meetings,

We use techniques from our experience in the performing field (including handling of energy, posture, voice projection and body language) as well as mental tools to create a lasting self-confidence. This process also utilises non verbal communication techniques to make a lasting impact.

Personal Breakthrough Coaching

It is a highly personal process during which we assist our clients to uncover and reassess their deepest motivations and the limits to achieving them. This is a goal oriented process which includes releasing limiting decisions, breaking through limitations, setting powerful motivating goals, and learning strategies to keep focusing on them.

Because change happens at a deep level, a Personal Breakthrough Process has by nature far reaching effects. Typically, clients come to the Personal Breakthrough Process focusing on one area of their life; therefore, the Personal breakthrough process is effective for clients wanting change in the following areas:

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Career
  • Finances

Some clients require a cognitive approach, others very concrete assistance on "what to do next". Our long experience in both business and cognitive restructuring enables us to intervene at both levels equally. We can also provide an in-depth personality study using assessment tools (extra cost).

Our starting point is that we, as human beings are always more than what we think we are, and that the extent of what we can achieve is astonishingly larger than we believe. Our aim is to assist our clients determine the result they want to achieve and reach it.

The Session

Typically, a coaching session lasts an hour to 1.5 hour, although a Personal Breakthrough coaching session can be done in longer chunks of time. The first session is spent taking a detailed history of our client, at the end of which we design and propose a detailed plan.

Contact us for a free half-hour discussion to understand what coaching style is best for your needs.