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Fund Raisers

We organise some extremely effective fund raising events featuring the Glasswalk or the Firewalk.

Typically, the proceeds from the event start in the 5 digit range (in USD terms) although it depends on the size of the group.

Stage Show

We also propose our unique Stage Show, a short programme (usually ス to 1 hour long) during which we demonstrate on-stage the power tools that we use during our trainings.

A unique and interactive experience, this is not a training programme as such, in that the public is not asked to participate actively to the performance.

It is a perfect solution for:

  • Companies looking to entertain their guests or teams after a lunch, dinner or at the end of a meeting,
  • Groups looking for an original fund-raising event,
  • Alumni reunions, charitable organisations annual events,
  • Corporate Christmas dinner,

Any type of gathering requiring some never-seen-before entertainment.

Public Speaking

We are available to come and give a talk to your teams on subjects such as transforming mental patterns, motivation, corporate wellness & presenteism, co-creative communication, enhancing capacities for innovation and creativity, system thinking and more.