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Our Vision

The substratum of all our work is a blend of two components: how we think and how we interact with each other. 

The pillars of the way of The MasterMinds reflect this balance. On the personal level, we work on: transforming personal mental maps, expanding personal mastery to break through internal barriers, developing system thinking. As a group, we collectively develop capacities for bonding teams creatively and growing engagement through authentic shared vision.

Below are examples of programmes we have developped for clients in the past. We tailor-make all programmes to the requirements of specific groups and many times, the programmes include personal coaching.


MasterMinds Leaders™

One of our most popular development programme. Visionary Leadership is not only a gift from above. Successful leaders need to develop new personal and relational qualities to operate in the volatile and uncertain environment of the 21st century. Ability to think at a systemic levels, flexibility of behaviour, relational skills to navigate the complexity of newly emerging human diasporas outside of their organisation, inner alignment with clearly defined outcomes are some examples. Together, participants are challenged to go beyond the comfort of known behaviours and internalize new communication and thinking patterns through a roller coaster process.

Masters of Influence™

One of our most popular management training, this programme introduces processes conducive to effective verbal and non-verbal communication, inflow and outflow of information, successful negotiation. As always, emphasis is put on transforming cognitive patterns. 

The Fires of Excellence™ (Creative Teams series)

Walking on red-hot coals has been practiced around the world for thousands of years, as a mean of empowerment. It is an unforgettable demonstration of human potential, and a lesson in transforming fear into positive energy. The intense feelings brought out when facing the bed of red-hot embers gives us the ability to contact the power within. Many participants have an overwhelming feeling of "life will never be the same". The experience is a metaphor for how we face challenges in our daily business and personal life.

Cutting Edge Glasswalk Experience™ (Creative Teams series)

One of the most powerful human experiences. A half day, alternatively adrenaline packed and fun-filled workshop, which will take you beyond what you thought you could achieve. Guaranteed! Walking on a bed of broken glass requires total commitment at all levels of our being. Whatever is holding you back, we promise that we will give you the opportunity to let go of it.
The Cutting Edge Glasswalk Experience™ is a metaphor for handling challenges, opens up a whole new range of possibilities to develop lasting self-confidence, co-create success, gives the opportunity to build a solid shared vision of the future and to define the tangible steps to achieve it.

MasterMinds Creative Team Bonding™ (Creative Teams series)

In a business context, people usually interact at an intellectual level. This Programme is an experiential roller-coaster designed to create indestructible dynamic bonds between the participants, as well as a sense of trust, open communication, engagement and accountability toward each other.
The MasterMinds Team Bonding™ program is highly flexible in its design and truly tailor made to your specifications and purpose, number of participants, as well as the amount of time available.

MasterMinds Culture Alignment Programme

'Culture eats strategy for breakfast". This remark, often attributed to Peter Drucker, perfectly outlines the purpose of this workshop. Often, organisations spend considerable amount of time and resources developing the best designed strategies, only to realise that 'things go awry' when put in practice. When this happens, there is often a tendency to look for a culprit, the one person or team that can be blamed for the meltdown. People are replaced by others only to replicate the same mistakes. This programme consists of a series of workshops designed to create unshakable alignment between the team. It includes personal coaching sessions.

MasterMinds Wellness™

Wellness is more than absence of dis-ease. Often, we are aware of what small changes we need to operate to our lifestyle, but sometimes fail to take the responsibility to implement them. And for most of us, the challenge is to keep going once we have started to change. We spend an overwhelming amount of time in the organisations where we work, making them a wonderful environment to grow new powerful habits that promote health and wellness.
This is a powerful series of workshops and coaching sessions where participants create sustainable & supporting Wellness cultures & creatively design and implement wellness programmes in their workplace.

MasterMinds Presenters

Whether you are an executive, in HR, a trainer, or a performer, "The MasterMinds" Presenters programme will allow you to perform confidently and stress-free in public.
You will learn to use energy easily and effortlessly to support your performance, make full use of the most powerful form of communication (non verbal), break through fears of public speaking, and change your beliefs about yourself as a presenter and performer.

MasterMinds Conflict Management 

One of the most challenging corporate aspects is to combine harmoniously diverging personalities and interests. Latent or open conflicts are one of the biggest threats to the bottom line. This program introduces an original method combining cognitive elements, human management practices, as well as tools from tribal cultures.
Participants discover totally innovative ways to relate to others and expands their own thinking strategies. This process is not culturally bound and has proved to be effective in a wide array of human settings. Extremely effective as well in the case of corporate culture conflicts following mergers.

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