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"You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality." Walt Disney

The MasterMinds' work with corporate clients derives from years of observation and experience that in most businesses, the considerable percentage of financial resources spent on people (salaries, benefits etc…) is seldom matched by the percentage of time and resources spent on how to grow this investment.

Research has shown that human behaviour is one of the most intangible but most impactful component of business success. Behaviour is the direct external result of internal mindsets. The first root of most issues faced by corporations is found in mental maps, and it's the small changes at the source, i.e. in our thinking, that create the most powerful leverage on behaviours, and deliver the greatest and longest lasting impact on effectiveness, performance and profitability.

We work with senior leadership to change internal mental maps, develop personal mastery (i.e. break through internal limitations) and system thinking.

Business leaders however do not operate in a vacuum. At the dawn of the 21st century, we operate in a world that did not exist only 20 years ago, a world of intangible networks and light-speed connectivity where human communities grow beyond the traditional organisational boundaries, a world which, as futurologist Bob Johansen puts it 'is more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous than it has ever been'. Interrelationships within human groups have become the backbone of business success and collective intelligence the best answer to increased complexity.

We work with groups at the team level, organisational level, and communities of stakeholders level (suppliers, customers, shareholders etc) to collectively co-create answers to business and human issues ranging from strategy definition and implementation, to engagement and people development.

Read about our CARe - Change Action Results philosophy here. 

We work with clients both in a group setting, and on a one-to-one basis. The MasterMinds' area of expertise lies in the unique blend of some of the most effective cognitive techniques in existence today, and powerful experiential roller coaster processes to release and nurture creativity, with an aim to exponentially and consistently improve effectiveness, and therefore results, over a sustained period of time.

We strive to create a bespoke environment in all our workshops and our programmes are designed for creative solutions to emerge. See some themes we have worked on with clients on the About Us webpage, and some of the programmes we have created for clients.

Click here to The MasterMinds Creative Teams website where you can see examples of our ½ or full day 'Creative Teams Workshop', a bonding experiential process involving a challenge such as the Firewalk or the Glasswalk which is proposed as an introduction to the Creative Teams Programmes that go into deeper aspects of cohesion and engagement as the basis of sustainability and growth.

The Masterminds also provides some "train the trainers" in-house programmes. 

The ways of The Masterminds are also shared outside the corporate realm through public workshops, home study courses, eBooks, live public seminars, 1:1 coaching and video training. See the schedule of public trainings here.

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