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CARe - Change Action Results

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" Albert Einstein.

The MasterMinds is a boutique consultancy of highly experienced facilitators, coaches and trainers who work with leaders to change behaviours, develop self mastery and system thinking, and teams, organisations and their communities of stakeholders to collectively bring about solutions to business and human issues. 

Our vision is to maximize results through a shift in thought paradigm in individuals and the development of a co-creative approach in human groups. 

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Our programmes effectiveness relies on the application of a double and concurrent learning methodology, at the intellectual and unconscious levels. We have witnessed through experience that lasting change only happens when mental learning is incorporated through non-verbal experience, resulting in an unshakable inner alignment. Our programmes therefore always include an experiential roller coaster aspect, the most dramatic of which are the Cutting Edge Glasswalk Experience™ which includes a walk over razor sharp pieces of broken glass, or the Fires of Excellence™ which includes a Firewalk.

Clients come to us with different cultures and values, different issues and different goals. We create bespoke contexts rather than offer standard packages. Some of the themes we have worked on with clients are: Shifting cultures, Handling transitions, Transforming behaviors, Creating learning teams (team bonding), Co-Creative leadership, Wellness and presenteism, Building outstanding presenters.

The Masterminds also provides some "train the trainers" in-house programmes as well as experiential assessments. See some example of programmes we have developped for clients. 

The ways of The Masterminds are also shared through public workshops opened to individuals which run at regular interval during the year, home study courses, eBooks, live & online seminars, 1:1 coaching and video training. See the schedule of public trainings here.

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