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"Yoga citta vritti Nirodah" - Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 1.2 (Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuation of the mind)


WHY take the MindTools4Yogis course?

"I want to share with you the conclusion I draw from my own experience, that the purpose of life is Happiness, not pleasure, which breads fear, but Happiness, and that our happiness comes from our attitude towards life. Enlightenment is an attitude." Ramesh Balsekar, Satsang, August 2008.


Would you like to:
- clearly understand the relationship between body and mind and how to integrate them?
- learn some simple techniques that will assist you to exponentially improve your yoga practice, AND to master how you represent reality?
- open new perspective on the mind-body connection, and therefore on the limitations imposed by our body?
- be able to change patterns that do not serve you, and replace them with new behaviours that bring more meaning to your life?

WHAT is it all about?

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali define Yoga as "the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind" (1.2); The Bhagavad Gita as "perfect evenness of the mind" (2:48). NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) proposes a general attitude toward life and presents some simple techniques that assist us to access those unconscious inner programmes, change them if needed, and live a more centred and meaningful life. 

During the MindTools4Yogis course, you learn valuable skills that you can use easily and successfully not only to assist you improve your practice and your teaching, but in your life in general to get a better understanding of yourself and others and to assist you master your mind and therefore your body.

Modern MindTools techniques are used by the most successful educators to install positive learning patterns in their students, easily and effortlessly. Yoga practitioners & teachers will find it an invaluable tool in their teaching practice.

The MindTools model

The Human nervous system can only handle a very small percentage of the enormous amount of information coming in through our five senses ("Indryas" in Sanskrit) every second (134 bits out of 2 million. Over this, it goes into overwhelm!) 
Most of it is therefore deleted, distorted and generalised. You filter (using your internal programming) and codify the rest to create an inner representation of outer reality, which in turns creates a certain emotional state (how you feel inside), and an associated physiology (what your body looks like when you feel that way).
All human behaviours are created from the play between this internal representation, its associated state and physiology. And this is where lies the amazing secret: ALL OUR BEHAVIOURS DERIVE FROM WHICH 134 BITS WE CONSCIOUSLY OR UNCONSCIOUSLY DECIDE TO TAKE IN.

What if you had the choice of which 134 bits to take in, so you could decide the ones that serve you best?

Is MindTools4Yogis for me? Who should take the training?

  • Yoga teachers wanting to improve their understanding of themselves and their students, and learn teaching tools that will increase the effectiveness of their teaching
  • Yoga practitioners of all levels wanting to take their practice to a whole new different level and understand how their body and mind communicate
  • Anyone, yoga practitioner or not, with a pinch of curiosity and a slight taste for adventure and discovery, wanting to live their life more fully and freely.

What will you learn?

Apart from Installation, rehearsal and mastery of some major modern MindTools techniques, we will explore the following:

  • The MindTools model of communication, conscious and unconscious minds, the process of perception
  • The process of perception, how we create reality and how to create a reality that empowers
  • The foundation of the world that Modern Science is proposing to us and a review of the definition of body and mind, and how this helps us in our practice
  • We will link this to the higher teachings of Yoga through the ages and realise how relevant they are to our modern life
  • The Body Mind connection
  • Mastery of language (verbal and non verbal)
  • Introduction to Self Hypnosis and the Unconscious Mind

All techniques are installed at the unconscious level and a large part of the course is spent on rehearsal and exercise. Participants can use the techniques directly after the course.

Tell me more about the training!

The training takes a full week. After a morning asana practice (optional), the day is spent exploring the bridges between modern MindTools and the yogic attitude to life through the ages, and learning and rehearsing NLP techniques while having fun!

The course is designed so that participants who wish to do so can become certified in NLP at the Practitioner level at the end if they wish to do so (let us know BEFORE the start of the course, as you will be given specific assignments during the course). All our Certifications are endorsed by an international body and are therefore recognised internationally.

SO WHAT IF you attend?

"The course made me aware of how we interact with others and how others interact with us. I am completely re-energized mentally and physically. I gained an understanding my actions, thoughts and speech and how I affect my surroundings and others' behaviour around me. Thank you so much!" - Simone

"What really made it interesting was that for the first time someone explained to me in a way easy to understand how the brain works. Programming the brain has really changed my life. NLP is such an amazing tool for anyone wanting changes. And all you need is your brain. Hélène was great. She managed to explain "difficult" things in an easy understandable way. Her energy was enthusiastic, inspiring and contagious, and I just wanted to know more." - Kim

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