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"There is no passion to be found in playing small; in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." - Nelson Mandela.


Why walk on fire?

Is there anything that you wish you had done, anything you want to achieve but somehow have not?
Could you do with more motivation, more energy, more self-confidence?
If so, read further!
Firewalking is a unique experience of honesty with oneself. As a group experience, Firewalking creates indestructible bonds, for both walking and non-walking participants. On a personal level, it stimulates resourcefulness, creativity, exponentially increases confidence and the power to TAKE ACTION.
Could you use any of these?

What is it?

A 3 hours evening experiential workshop which includes a walk over red-hot coals. Walking on red-hot coals has been practiced around the world for thousands of years, as a mean of empowerment as well as healing. It is an unforgettable demonstration of human potential, and a lesson in transforming fear into positive energy.

Facing a bed of red-hot coals brings out intense feelings that we are not usually aware of, giving us a chance to contact the power within. After the experience, many participants have an overwhelming feeling of "life will never be the same".

Firewalking is a metaphor for life: when our energy equals the energy of the fire, we walk on it unharmed. Similarly, when we face challenge with an equal level of life energy, we get results.


We first light up the large wood fire together, then go on to explore the hidden power of our focus, transform limiting beliefs and fear into motivation, set compelling goals and seal them by taking action. All participation is absolutely voluntary; all that is required is clear and positive intention.

SO WHAT IF you attend?

"It helped me to surpass myself."

"I have been telling everyone how great I feel. Someone even commented that I look different - I don't know about that but I do feel a lot happier - long may it continue!"

"I was so down, tired, so full of hate for myself and felt very much alone. My life has changed so much its untrue."

"I feel on such a high and the experience has given me back the inspiration that was fading out of my life to continue on and kick down the doors that have been shut in my face."