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It is a rather widespread belief that change takes time. And that the deeper the change, the more time it takes. But all learning happen instantly at the unconscious level. Your unconscious mind (that part of you that you are not conscious of right now) runs and preserve your body, therefore, lasting change only happens when mental learning is incorporated at the physical level, resulting in an unshakable inner alignment. All our programmes therefore incorporate a cognitive and a physical aspect, the most dramatic being of course our "Glasswalk Experience" which includes a walk over razor sharp pieces of broken glass, or the "Fires of Excellence" which includes a Firewalk.

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Fires of Excellence

Facing a bed of red-hot coals brings out intense feelings that we are not usually aware of, giving us a chance to contact the power within. After the experience, many participants have an overwhelming feeling of "life will never be the same".

Extreme Empowerment Experience

We all have potentials that we leave unexplored. Fear brings out some powers from inside that we did not even think existed. What would happen if you could separate the fear from that immense energy, and harness and utilize this energy in other areas of your life? Doing something we thought impossible gives us the impetus to break through barriers in other areas where achievement previously also seemed impossible.

NLP for Yogis

"Yoga is perfect evenness of the mind" (Bhagavad Gita 2:48). NLP proposes a general attitude toward life and presents some simple techniques that assist us to access those unconscious inner programmes, change them if needed, and live a more centred and meaningful life.