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Many world-renowned public figures have been trained in NLP, most marketing and PR use NLP techniques, and the most successful coaches and trainers use it as well with their clients, either in groups or individually (in fact, it is likely that most of the self-help books authors you have read or well-known seminar leaders you have heard of have been trained in NLP).

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NLP Practitioner/Coach Certification

The NLP Coaching Certification course will equip you with valuable skills to use easily and successfully as a coach but also in business, sales, education, or even as a parent or simply if you seek self-improvement and a better understanding of yourself and others.

NLP Master Practitioner/Master Coach Certification

The NLP Master Practitioner Certification builds up on the skills you learned during the NLP Practitioner Certification course. GO BEYOND the practitioner skills to the more powerful meta-level of understanding. The NLP Master Practitioner Certification is about MASTERY, the mastery of a trail of extremely powerful techniques.