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CARe - Change Action Results

Connectivity is one of the most crucial challenge corporations of all sizes encounter nowadays in the context of their activity. Capitalism at the start of the 21st century is based on a system of interconnections virtually unknown just 10 to 15 years ago. 

The appearance of powerful unofficial human webs outside the direct control of the top management is changing the focus towards the human component as one of the major strength or weakness of a corporation, and a powerful factor of success and profitability. The rapid emergence of a growing global complexity requires a shift in our individual and collective thinking process. 

A growing number of visionary leaders all over the world have already geared their priorities towards the development of the creative potentials of their employees, creating strong but flexible human communities, better equipped to function in a moving and complex environment, to realize their objectives, and to make a powerful and meaningful contribution to their wider eco system, the planet. 

The current predominant mechanistic worldview based on Newtonian thinking (the view of a world that is linear, measurable and where the whole is the sum of its parts) is not sufficient anymore. Organisations are made of people, and increased connectivity brings this element to the forefront of sustainability and results. Leadership is challenged to adopt a 'living system' worldview where fluid non-linear invisible networks and the principle of emergence (the whole is more than the sum of its parts) prevails.

In this context, our starting point and goal is maximise results and the substratum of all our work relies on two components
- a shift in thought paradigm in individuals and 
- the development of a co-creative approach in human groups.

The pillars of the way of The MasterMinds are : 
- individuals: transforming personal mental maps, expanding personal mastery (break through internal barriers), developing system thinking, 
- groups: bonding team creatively and growing engagement through authentic shared vision planet. 

Visit the About Us page to see some of the themes we have worked on with clients, and the Corporate Workshops example page to read a more in-depth description of some of those workshops. 

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